The Truth About The Real Education System Problem

I'm convinced that they either don't get it and never will or they get it but refuse to acknowledge it.
The fact of the matter is we've been dealing with a dysfunctional education system for a long time and the so called solutions out number the days in a year for each year this problem has existed.
We've all read about the problems from funding schools, poverty, unions, quality teachers, old school buildings and even family income levels. This is not to say that there aren't any problems with any of these particular issues, but they all seem to miss the one most important and truthful issue that no one is talking about...Family.

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The destruction of family values in our society has been going on for some time at a slow but steady pace. Thanks to liberal ideas and political correctness, the core of the family structure has suffered tremendously. This breakdown has contributed the most to the education system failure that we experience today.

I recently read an Op Ed piece about how family income levels determined the success of a student. I've seen students from low income family's rise up to be outstanding students and I've seen more than my fair share of students from middle to upper income families fail in school.

At the end of the school day when little Johnny or Sally goes home to a father that physically and mentally abuses them or their mother, do you think it matters if they go to an old school or a new school?
 they have to go home to a stepparent that sexually abuses them, do you think they care about what the union rights of the school employees are and whether they should be able to retire after 20 years with full benefits?
 they have to go home to a parent addicted to drugs or alcohol, do you think they care about the new government programs for keeping kids in school with a great new catchy slogan?
 they have to go home to an empty house with no parents around who truly love and care for them and they must fend for their own meal, do you think it matters what the teacher was teaching that day?

Taking the family from the child is like taking the foundation from under the house, everything around them will just come crumbling down.
Dysfunctionalism does not discriminate based on family income. It does discriminate based on morality, values and the heart of a parent.

The solutions...
 families standing for family values.
 families who understand the value they bring as parents to the lives of their children.
 families who make the schools their assistant in educating their children and not putting the burden solely on the teachers to babysit their children.
More strong families with family values will produce more strong children who are prepared to learn with an enthusiasm for living, loving and learning.

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