Celta Certification Toronto - Lsc Celta Toronto, Canada

Celta Certification Toronto - Lsc Celta Toronto, Canada

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If you are looking for the exciting opportunity to work in a foreign country as an English teacher and you presently live in Toronto, then the CELTA certification Toronto may be something you're looking into. CELTA is the course that is a pre-requisite for getting teaching jobs abroad. The famous Cambridge University administers the certification and the course. The course and the certificate is highly regarded throughout the world and with the skills that you acquire during the course are indeed a great help to you to succeed in your responsibilities of being an English teacher.

CELTA certification Toronto undoubtedly helps people who have some exposure to teaching but the certificate is a strong endorsement for the caliber of the candidate to succeed as a certified ESL Teacher. Even those who have had no formal qualification in English teaching and belong to other professions but want to switch their career to teaching English abroad will find this program suitable to their goals.

CELTA program will train you on effective teaching principles. It also teaches the practical skills required to teach to the adult learners and gives the direct practical experience by conducting hand-on-training sessions.

CELTA certified teachers certainly find jobs easily in Canada as CELTA certification is necessary for many private schools to be appointed as ESL teachers.

CELTA certification Toronto is handy if you live in the Toronto area. But, CELTA certification is available all over the world at the recognized learning centers, and it must be noted that CELTA courses and certification is now available with online studies. However, even for online certifications it is necessary to enroll at the local centers because the CELTA course considers the practical face-to-face session an important component of the course that can not be diluted. So even for the candidates who wish to go for online CELTA certification, enrolling at the locally recognized centers is required.

LSC (Language Studies Canada) Toronto is one of the centers offering CELTA courses in Toronto, Canada. The course conducted at LSC is a full time course requiring 120 hours. LSC delivers the course content as devised by the Cambridge CELTA syllabus. As part of the course, the practical ability is taught to the candidates by teaching adult-level listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. LSC restricts the number of candidates in each class to six enabling the teachers to give maximum personal attention. The teachers working at LSC are qualified and have undergone extensive training and have been appointed on approval of ESOL.

The criteria for joining the CELTA certification Toronto program is same as stipulated by Cambridge ESOL. The candidate must be at least twenty years of age, must have working knowledge of the structure of English and must have possessed the qualification to gain university admission.

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