Celta Online Certification Prepares Teachers

Celta Online Certification Prepares Teachers

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If you want to get an internationally recognized certification for teaching English, you could consider the CELTA online certification program. CELTA is the Certificate of English Language Teaching to Adults. The Cambridge ESOL awards it under Cambridge University.

The CELTA online certification is widely recognized. Most all international schools and employers recognize this certificate as highly prestigious, and even government agencies recommend this certificate when they are looking for teachers to teach English to their employers.

The CELTA online certification program has been proven to be one of the largest training programs in the field of ESL teaching. It has many centers worldwide, and all these centers are approved. For a center to be approved to be a Cambridge ESOL center, it has to undergo various quality checks, thus ensuring that quality education is given to its candidates. Also, every year, each center has an assessment done by a moderator who is sent from Cambridge University to ensure that quality standards are maintained as per the Cambridge ESOL requirements. This ensures that the standard of CELTA online certification in all countries and centers remains the same as that of the main branch in Cambridge.

The CELTA online certification course ensures that the candidates get the right methodology to teach English effectively to adults and to speakers of other languages. Also, they are taught on language analysis techniques and communicative teaching. This is to enable them to clearly communicate to those adults of other languages. This course also entails giving the candidates the right skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

For interested teachers, its important to know that you do not have to have English as your first language for you to get CELTA online certification; therefore, even those who are not native speakers of English can be accepted into the course. However, like any qualification program, only those who meet the right standards are awarded the certificate, and this ensures that the quality and the name of Cambridge ESOL CELTA certification program remain untarnished.

In the past, CELTA certification program was not available online, such that anyone who wanted this certification had to travel to the main branch. However, it has now been made possible for people to get the CELTA online certification from the comfort of their own homes. However, there is a 60 hour in-classroom requirement that needs to be met. In this requirement, you need to have sixty hours of assessment by a moderator while you are on teaching practice. Therefore, you will still need to travel to a branch towards the end of the course so that you can fulfill the sixty hour requirement. Once this is fulfilled you are ready to find an ESL teaching job.

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